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Next WG(5th) is 15th Mar 2017, 17:30 at Cyber Soken. Mark your calendar !
Joint Meeting with Imaging Interoperability WG

*** Special Talk by AgGateway Project Leaders ! ***
Guest Speakers from AgGateway: Jim Wilson, Andres Ferreyra

  1. Overview of AgGateway Global Network
  2. How AgGateway secures Interoperability in agroEnvironmental Data
  3. Progress on ObservedProperty Composer ( Honda )

  Date and Time: 2017-03-15T17:30:00+09:00 (1730 - 1930 ) + dinner
  Venue: Cyber Soken Office

  Address:Gotanda First Bldg. 5F, 2-8-1, Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa, Tokyo
  google map link:

SOS Client Git Repositories( will be consolidated soon ):
	By Mr. Satoru Miyamoto:
	By Mr. Yoshitugu Kimura:
		API Key is available to WG members: please contact WG Chairs( Honda , Fukatsu ) to join WG.

Words definition and UOM referred in a guideline for agro-environemntal data names and API H28-GL2 and H28-GL4 by Cabinet Office Japan ( Japanese )

  1. Definition of words used in tags of SensorML for FieldSensors
  2. Observed Properties and UOM published by Cabinet Office, Japan - see the list of properties and UOM on google spreadsheet
  3. The guideline recommends to follow UCUM ( specification, go to UCUM site)

A sample of SOS query and response

Sample (Preliminary version)
getCapabilities, describeSensor, getObservation, getResult, getResultTemplate
from SOS server of iBunya project ( a test-bed of WG ), powered by cloudSense, ListenField
Note: this sample is under examination by the WG.

SOS Testbed

We use Ibunya SOS server as a testbed to evalute the guidelines in terms of applicability to practical situations, consistency, performance and etc.

Past WG

  • 1st WG: 24 June 2016, 1200-1400JST @Chubu U Tokyo Office
  • 2nd WG: 6 Sep 2016, 1400-1600JST @Chubu U Tokyo Office
  • 3rd WG: 25 Nov 2016, 1730-1930JST @Cyber Soken
  • 4th WG: 25 Jan 2017, 1730-1930JST SOS Client Source Walk Through by Mr. Satoru Miyamoto and Mr. Yoshitsugu Kimura @Cyber Soken
  • Collaboration with AgGateway PAIL Project

  • Presentations at PAIL meeting at AgGateway Annual Meeting @Orlando, FL, USA, 7-9 Nov 2016
  • O&M technical net meeting on 30th Nov 2016, 0700JST

  • How to join this WG

  • Anyone who are interested in the interoperaibility on environmental data, testing, development are welcome. Please send a request to
  • 農業環境情報のインターオペラビリティに興味があり、その利用と普及のために会合、検証、開発に参加協力していただける方。まで参加申し込みしてください。