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27 June 2011: Presentation Session

28 June 2011: GPU Tutorial Session

Presentation Session

On Monday, 27 June 2011

To share knowledge on HPC for natural disaster simulations, Infrastructure and Applications on GPU

GPU Tutorial Session

On Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Let's learn GPU programming from basic to advanced

Successful Workshop

The workshop was successfully organized on 27-28 June 2011. The workshop was participated by 74 scientists, engineers and students. There were 1 keynote and 12 technical presentations in the 1st day. A tutorial session was organized in the 2nd day. The workshop provided a forum for all participants to exchange information and learn GPU programming. We would like to thank to all participants.
Number of participants
Japan 5 ( CHUBU U 1, TOKYO TECH 3, Hiroshima U 1 )
Thailand 69 ( AIT 32, Kasetsart U 14, Silpakorn U 7, Chulalongkorn U 5, Other 11)

Background and Scope

With the development and expansion of the human activities, the vulnerability of the society to disasters has been increasing as seen in recent major natural and man-made disasters such as tsunami, hurricanes, earthquakes, terrorisms and etc.
Simulation of natural disaster is one of the key technologies in disaster mitigation. Especially numerical simulation is a powerful tool to evaluate the physical impact and risk on infrastructures and people's lives. Under this circumstances, Int'l Workshops on Numerical Simulation for Disastrous Phenomena were held in AIT in 2005 and 2008 co-organized by AIT and TOKYO TECH. Since then the importance of the simulation has even been increasing.
GPGPU or General Purpose Graphic Processing Unit is an emerging computing device, which accelerate various numerical calculation dramatically with the best cost performance. GPGPU computing has started to be applied to various fields including disaster simulation. RTG ( Royal Thai Government ) has funded a research project on application of GPGPU for geoniformatics, jointly organized by Kasetsart University and AIT. GPGPU is expected to contribute to HPC for disaster simulation, and other applications such as image processing, finance, chemistry and etc.
AIT, TOKYO TECH, Kasetsart University and Chubu University have planned to organize a Joint Int’l Workshop ( HPC for disaster and GPGPU Computing) considering the importance of promotion of HPC for disaster simulation and GPGPU computing.


The workshop will provide a forum for researchers, engineers to exchange experiences in HPC for disaster simulation and GPGPU computing. The workshop will also provide a tutorial to disseminate skills on porting programs onto GPGPU.